Brady Hustad

President, Founder Argis Solutions

Title:  Roadworthy: Maps in Times of Crisis

From natural disasters, political upheaval, and of course, the current pandemic, our world has experienced dramatic change. Shifts in governance, workplace structure, and social experience have changed the way organizations function.  At every crisis point, GIS has acted as a backbone, communicating the reality we live in, consolidating information and supporting emergency responses. We could not have predicted these crisis points, but we can prepare for them in the future. Join Brady Hustad, founder of Argis Solutions, as he explores why GIS is fundamental to society and guides a dialogue about how systems of record must become resilient, adaptable, and a visible bridge to stability.

Brady Hustad is the president and founder of Argis Solutions. Brady believes augmented reality paired with accurate geospatial data will forever change how industries assess risk mitigation.  

For nearly two decades, Brady has been developing, architecting, and leading development teams in the geospatial industry with a focus on custom development, research, and design. Recognized as CEO for top technical sales, he has won multiple Microsoft Partner awards with past companies, helping his previous company become Esri Partner of the Year. His work has earned two Esri Partner Innovation awards in past years, including the 2016 Innovation Partner for the Argis Framework. Additionally, he has multiple published articles, papers, and interviews covering advanced and visionary technical concepts in GIS and computer vision.

Brady has a B.S. in Management of Information Systems from Kettering University (formerly GMI Institute of Technology and Management) He holds the patent for combining augmented reality and GIS, and he has a patent pending for computer vision and machine learning in the medical industry.