Opening Keynote

David Holdstock, BA, MS, GISP is one of North America’s leading authorities on GIS Strategic Implementation Planning in local government. He has secured GIS implementation awards for multiple organizations including the City of Guelph, Canada, and the City of Unalaska, AK. Mr. Holdstock’s recent 2017 book “Strategic GIS Planning and Management in Local Government” and his future 2018 “Best GIS Practices in Local Government” book establishes him as a leading authority. Mr. Holdstock incorporated Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) in 1997 with offices throughout the United States. Mr. Holdstock has over 25 years of GIS experience, and has planned, designed, and coordinated the implementation of GIS technology for over 300 government organizations.  Mr. Holdstock has managed over 200 GIS strategic plans for towns, cities and counties in across North America. As CEO, his duties include GIS management, GIS planning, assessment, design, and implementation, client contact, and project technical supervisor.

Closing Keynote

Brady Hustad is the president and founder of Argis Solutions, LLC, and works with GIS professionals to visualize geospatial data in augmented reality in the field. Brady believes Augmented Reality paired with accurate geospatial data will forever change how industries assess risk mitigation and is already providing return on investment.

Brady has been developing, architecting or leading development teams in the geospatial industry for nearly two decades with a focus on custom development, research and design. Brady has been recognized as CEO for top technical sales, helped his previous company become Esri Partner of the Year. His work has garnished two Esri innovation awards in past years, including the 2016 Innovation Partner for the Argis Framework. Brady has a B.S. in Management of Information System from Kettering University (formerly GMI Institute of Technology and Management).